We create thousands of fun memories on our lawn; family BBQ’s, children playing tag, and walking our pets. But how is your lawn greater than you and your family? Read below to find out how your lawn helps the environment and planet!


  1. Safety

Natural grass provides a soft-landing pad when playing outside. Natural grass produces fewer lower body injuries and concussions than synthetic turf.


  1. Health

Natural grass helps human health beyond the physical. Looking to improve your sleep, reduce pain, and minimize stress? Try walking barefoot on fresh grass!


  1. Natural Resource Quality

Natural grass converts carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen; providing clean air for us to breathe. It also filters groundwater through its roots.


  1. Environmental Benefits

Natural grass helps to delay runoff, reduce erosion, cools urban heat, and provides a thriving ecosystem to thousands of crawling critters.


Be proud to own a lawn! A healthy lawn does all of this while generating oxygen and filtering groundwater. That’s why Sod Pods are a great tool to fill in any patches in your lawn and give you a lawn that helps the environment.