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Developed by the University of Florida, CitraBlue® St Augustine is known for its deep blue-green color and disease resistance.

CitraBlue® St Augustine has less vertical growth than most St Augustine varieties which allows for minimal mowing and maintenance.

CitraBlue® is a shade tolerant variety making it one of the most versatile St Augustine varieties.

Full Sun

2.5 - 3.5 in.

Medium Maintenance

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  • Minimum 4-hour-6-hours of sunlight per day for best results
  • Affordable – each 8-pack covers 18 sq. ft.
  • Easy to install for repair or improvement of your existing lawn, SodPods are also used for planting new lawns
  • Improved Drought Resistance

  • Exceptional Shade Tolerance

  • Improved Disease Resistance

  • Striking Blue-Green Color

  • Natural and shipped fresh from the farm, each pod has been carefully nurtured to have a fully developed root system, just like your lawn
  • Established roots mean less water and maximum success
  • Endless possibilities – SodPods are perfectly rooted for creating something new
  • Great for the environment, SodPods generate oxygen and provide a safe play area for your loved ones
  • SodPods comes from a family owned and operated farm

Review our care page for more information on CitraBlue® St. Augustine.

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Vice President of Turf